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Experience authentic human-centered travel and flexible adventures with locals in underexplored worlds

RedKnot puts human connection at the center of travel, matching travelers with like-minded, trusted locals (Knotters) who create safe, diverse, personalized, and unique guided travel experience.

RedKnot is not a traditional tour operator, we don’t offer pre-planned experiences, instead you and your Knotter will develop an adventure that is just for you. 

Whether it’s a few hours orienting yourself in a new city or a few days exploring the mountains, your Knotter will make sure you have a truly authentic and personalized experience and can travel with the confidence of a local.

Private, personalized tours from $130 per day (including car and gas where needed)


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A fellow

The Red Knot makes the longest migration of any bird, traveling 15,000 km (9,300 mi) from its Arctic breeding grounds to Tierra del Fuego in southern South America touching every continent along the way. They migrate in communities, are free spirited, adventurous and curious.

Founded by global travelers who have come together in Silicon Valley, RedKnot uses the power of AI vetting and matching to create  secure service that will allow travelers to explore as freely and widely as the RedKnot.

Our mission is to build human connections through our platform, allowing travelers to connect with locals and explore the world with the benefit of local knowledge and language, unlocking the secret adventures that tourists seldom discover”